Conveniently located mid-way between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, the Winner Aviation facility is based at the Youngstown – Warren Regional airport, just north of Youngstown, Ohio. This facility has been a leader in aviation maintenance services for nearly 70 years. We pledge to service the corporate, commercial, and general aviation community with exceptional service and skilled personnel. Our trained technicians maintain Corporate Jet, turbo-prop and piston aircraft. Winner Aviation’s complete service center is nearly 85,000 square feet of space that houses maintenance, a Honeywell engine major service center, an avionics lab, and an installation center. In addition, Winner Aviation offers 24-hour line service capabilities, full catering, and cleaning services. For additional speed and convenience, Winner Aviation owns a King Air B100 that is used for chartering, which can save our customers time money, and potential aggravation.


Winner Aviation Corporation is a multi-service organization dedicated to serve private, corporate,and commercial aviation. Our line services, aircraft and avionics maintenance and charter management services will provide superior customer support, highly skilled technical assistance and excellent customer service.


Winner Aviation strives toward being recognized as a leader in the aviation industry, both on the FBO and Service Center sectors. We are very persistent on delivering the best services and products and promoting customer satisfaction. Winner Aviation works to combine our customers’ desires and employee ambitions to further ourselves in the marketplace and to move forward into a bright future. Our vision is embodied in our five major goals…SCOPE: Safety: At Winner Aviation, our people, customers and employees, and our environment matter to us, therefore, we promote safety excellence as a vital focus of our operations. We make it our goal everyday to not only meet, but exceed the requirements set forth by the Federal Aviation Regulations under Part 135 and Federal Aviation Administration. Convenience: We provide our customers with as many conveniences as possible. Winner Aviation’s staff will handle all the details concerning your visit and travel needs, from booking a hotel room and rental car to ordering catering. Opportunity: We work hard to offer new services and products to our customers. We are constantly searching for new avenues in the aviation industry and striving to uphold our competitive advantage. Productivity: Through careful strategic planning, forecasting, and decision making, we are able to develop strategies and goals to make our employees and company more productive. Excellence: At Winner Aviation we pride ourselves on our efficiency and excellence in all of our services and operations. We work hard to make your life easier.

Core Values

For each of our core values, Winner Aviation works to balance the best interests of our customers, employees, and the entire company.


At Winner Aviation we work as a team. With integrity and selflessness, the employees at Winner Aviation offer a supportive and diverse environment, while encouraging each other to strive for the best, and work together to provide a foundation for outstanding service to our customers. We are here to work on solutions rather than problems.

Continuous Improvement

Winner Aviation is always striving for continual improvement in our customer service and operations. We encourage suggestions from all employees and customers. Our goal is to provide quality, delivery, and cost that satisfies our customers beyond their expectations and helps to further our name in the aviation industry.

Leadership and Excellence

Winner Aviation is an environment that promotes integrity, initiative, high standards, and self-motivation, while providing a diverse environment that upholds our ethical standards.


We are able to build long lasting, trusting relationships with our customers, vendors, and each other by taking full responsibility for our actions. Winner Aviation works to access our strengths and weaknesses, keep our commitments, and acknowledge and learn from our successes, along with our mistakes.