Client Testimonials

“Hi, I’m very hopefully that Kingsley receives the recognition he deserves form this email and that upper management have the opportunity to learn of this outstanding employee and the work he does as an ambassador of your company. I have taken the time to compose this and would appreciate that it is read in its entirety.I arrived via Allegiant Air from Florida to Niagara Falls Airport. Expecting to transfer from the shuttle in parking Lot #3 to my car I was very disappointed to see that my car battery was dead. It was 7pm, I was not dressed properly and it was very cold – 28. The Shuttle tried with the hand held boost and the actual shuttle to charge the battery but with no success. I tipped him $10 for his efforts.I called (CAA – AAA) for help and was to wait in in the terminal. They discussed towing and other alternatives. I WAS STRANDED and just wanted to get home to Ancaster, Ontario Canada.When I arrived everything was shut down except for vending machine …and I just wanted a tall hot tea to pass the expected 2 hours. Kingsley walked past on his way home at the end of his shift and I told him I had to wait 2 hours for my car and just wanted to get a tea. Rather than saying sorry about your luck he said, come on with me and I will help you with your car. I informed him help was on the way and there were two other attempts. He said well, let me try anyways. So, off we went to parking lot #3 up the road.I had much doubt!We tried once, nothing. Waiting for 30 seconds, nothing. I said just take me back … you are done work and its so cold. He said no ma’am I’m not leaving you until this is resolved for you! Imagine that. I had to get in his car, I was freezing. We sat for 10 minutes patiently trying to charge the car …. Chatting …. And then he gave it a last chance. It started and all the wonderful lights came on !!

THEN …..Without asking for directions, he pointed from the lot, the way I needed to navigate to get to the high and to the border … then he said, I’m going that way, follow me. I was fine to go on my own but appreciated the assistance. He drove to the last exit before the border and waved me off! I can’t believe it still. What an outstanding person – restored my faith in kindness! He would not take money so it is very important that he receives recognition for his act of unselfishness from his superiors.

Thank you …..”

By: L.M.

Excellent service, always helpful staff and line personnel, super friendly and awesome place! Definitely stop by if you’re flying in the area.

By: M.B.

“Winner Aviation at the YNG (Youngstown, OH) is the MRO of our preference. Winner has taken care of our aircraft for over 20 years now. Everything is discussed before mx is started and anything else discovered during the work process is always brought to our attention before proceeding. Maintenance Supervisor  Tim Tobey is the best in the industry. His knowledge and help are unprecedented and he’s available 24/7.  All Winner Aviation techs are proficient and friendly and the shop is always clean. We receive a pristine aircraft every time it’s serviced. We can communicate with Winner personnel at all times either at home or on the road. I can highly recommend them.”

By: A.T.

“All Winner employees represent your company very well.”

By: R.S.

“We stopped in for a storm to pass. Very accommodating with great facilities.”

By: A.H.

“We came in for a quick turn. The line staff was very helpful, and went the extra mile for us (including washing the windows!). I highly recommend this as a fuel stop. And you get to see lots of AF cargo planes practicing maneuvers :).”

By: S.C.

“Very friendly, always accommodating. A good place to stop.”

By: R.T.

“Nice facility and free fresh baked chocolate chip cookies! 🙂 Comfy pilot lounge as well.”

By: T.P.

“Stopped in for a few hours while my client had a meeting. Line service was great, CSRs were helpful, and even arranged for a rental, which we didn’t end up needing. Facilities are nice and a great stop”

By: Z.A.

“I thought it was awesome!  They had snacks on the plane for us, doughnuts, cookies, pistachio’s and water.  The captain was very nice and it was super cool that when we came back they had our cars started and all lined up on the  runway so all we had to do was get off the plane and hope in our cars!  I felt Important”

By: V.W.