Aircraft Charter

Aircraft charter is a logical decision for those who are concerned with saving time and money while receiving a first class service. At Winner Aviation, we work towards providing our customers with a peace of mind in knowing that all their needs are being taking care of to ensure an enjoyable trip. Winner Aviation’s facility has been serving the needs of private and corporate aviation for 60 years. Winner Aviation operates under our own FAA Charter Certificate (W3NA959Y).

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Chartering an Aircraft will SAVE YOU TIME:

  • Ability to utilize more airfields across the U.S. The average travel time to departure airport is 20 minutes.
  • More available time to devote to working. Offers privacy and opportunity for open discussion among co-workers.
  • We can arrange catering, hotel reservations, and ground transportation
  • Can help minimize overnights in your schedule
  • Avoid delays or missed connections
  • No security check points
  • No set schedules
  • No check in times
  • No baggage check

The average time saved at the airport is roughly 2.5 hours per trip. In combination with flight hours, the average time saved can range from 3.5 to 5 hours per for each passenger.