The Best Cockpit Upgrades to Make Flying More Comfortable

cockpit upgrades

Sitting in your office in the air for hours on end can get uncomfortable. Since it is likely the space you spend the majority of your time, why not install a few cockpit upgrades to make the area your comfort zone. Winner avionics technicians partner with dealers who provide top-of-the-line upgrade options at a very reasonable price.

Aircraft USB Charging Systems

You likely carry your phone and tablet with you on your trips. Having a high-functioning, durable USB port is important. We offer Appareo Stratus and Mid-Continent True Blue ports, charging systems that won’t cause NAV/COM interference. These ports can be installed where you feel it will be most convenient. Whether you would prefer to have your USB on the instrument panel or the side walls, we can make it fit. We can also install them in the cabin for customer comfort, as well.

Noise Canceling Headsets

It may seem like a small and simple cockpit upgrade, but many customers are becoming loyal to noise-canceling headsets. Top-of-the-line Bose headsets require a specific jack that we can install right next to the normal headset plugs.


Proper lighting is crucial for pilots both inside the cockpit and on the landing gear. LED lights are replacing the fluorescents of the past. LEDs last longer and can be adjusted in both color and strength. When it comes to a strong operational light, Winner Aviation partners with Edmo and can install LED on the panel or any surface. This will help you write important notes when talking to the tower or ground control.

AveoEngineering has developed overhead lights that can go on top of the instrument panel underneath the glare shield. These FAA-approved lights are easily adjusted in color.

Whelen Aerospace Technologies offers reliable LED post lights that can be installed in your gauges as well as overhead lights for the cockpit and the cabin. There are several advantages to the overhead light. Because of the LED technology, they emit no heat and are brighter. You can also adjust the color and the strength of the light with their state-of-the-art touch panel system.

At Winner, we are also seeing a conversion to LED on the external lights. We recommend considering both Whelen and AveoEngineering. LED lights allow greater sight when taxing and landing, making a safer arrival for you and your guests. Additionally, this type of lighting lasts much longer than traditional fluorescents.

If you are looking for a little more than just a change in lighting and connectivity, we can also upgrade your seat. Winner can install padding just right for your posture and upholstery that suits your lifestyle and needs.

As we said earlier, it doesn’t take much to upgrade your everyday life. Contact Winner today and we will provide an estimate for improvements with cockpit upgrades!

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