Aircraft Maintenance Is Not A One Size Fits All Approach

Aircraft Maintenance

There are many nuances that go into owning or operating an aircraft. Over time, you learn the quirks that are unique to your plane. You can recognize subtle changes that only you could spot, and you come to understand exactly what it takes to maintain the health of your aircraft. Everything from routine inspections to choosing the right parts for your aircraft will influence the health and performance of your aircraft. Part of your aircraft’s health includes who maintains it.

When it comes to making the right decision for your aircraft’s performance, an authorized MRO is always the best option.

An MRO Has Access to the Right Parts

MROs are able to order parts or components directly from a manufacturer to obtain what’s needed for your aircraft repairs. As a private aircraft owner, your primary option for getting aircraft parts is through a reseller or an online database. Oftentimes, those deals come with hefty markups and you’re often left uncertain as to where the parts originated from. An MRO will have standing connections, or even on-site inventories themselves, and can obtain the right part, in the right condition, at the right price.


An MRO that has your best interest and your budget in mind will save up to 92% for the exact same part by exploring other parts resources. When choosing an MRO for your aircraft, look for one that has access to the right OEM for your aircraft but also to other vendors and aftermarket distributors. The more relationships your MRO engages, the better chance you have at getting parts for much less.


An MRO is a Cost-Effective Option for Aircraft Maintenance

Studies show that maintenance costs can range from 10 to 45 percent of the total yearly operating expenses of the aircraft. While 10 percent doesn’t seem like a high dollar figure, when you’re working with operating costs that are in the hundreds of thousands, that 10 percent is significant.

When you work through a trusted and experienced MRO for your aircraft maintenance, they will work to save you money. Cost savings will come from parts prices—direct-to-manufacture prices are less expensive than from resellers who mark-up the parts. But also, MROs are more efficient at providing services, which means you waste less money in downtime.

Of course, maintenance costs will ebb and flow based on the class of aircraft (i.e. jets compared to turboprops, or turboprops compared to pistons). Maintenance costs will even vary by aircraft type (i.e. light jet, medium, or long-range). The good news is that, when you partner with an MRO, they’ll work with you to establish a preventative maintenance plan and schedule. This will positively impact your bottom line because you’re anticipating needs rather than reacting to emergencies.

An MRO Can Improve Aircraft Performance and Airworthiness

Implementing a strong aircraft maintenance program directly affects the lifecycle and uptime of your aircraft. 

At Winner Aviation, we consider a certificate of airworthiness to be the bare minimum in maintaining and securing an aircraft. One of the biggest mistakes we see aircraft managers make is viewing airworthiness as the standard when there are so many ways to make an aircraft even safer.

A transparent and diligent MRO will go beyond ensuring your aircraft is safe for flight. They will work to ensure that your aircraft is performing seamlessly, and will make recommendations to you that will take unnecessary burdens off of your flight crew (ultimately making for an even safer experience).
Thanks to the skilled eyes and hands of technicians at an MRO, you can rest easier knowing that your crew and your passengers are safe. 

Winner Aviation is the Right MRO for the Job

When you’re considering the right team for your aircraft maintenance, look to an MRO that has experience across dozens of aircraft—from King Air and Beechjet to Twin Commander and Hawker. We are professionals who have decades of combined experience servicing aircraft with transparency, integrity, and utmost safety. Contact us today to discuss your specific aircraft needs with our maintenance team.

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