Avionics Upgrades for Your King Air

Beechcraft King Air 360

The Beechcraft King Air twin-turboprop series has consistently been an aircraft of choice for the last 50+ years. Ideal for hauling cargo, chartering, military transport, or luxury or corporate transport, the King Air is reliable, spacious, easy to fly, and even easier to maintain.

King Air History

King Air first entered service in 1964 with the Model 90 series. The Model 100, T-tailed Model 200, and Model 300 series followed shortly after. The King Air line is still in production today and has cumulatively outsold all turboprop competitors on the market today. In fact, even though some earlier models have been removed from production, over 6,300 King Airs are still in service and flying today—out of roughly 7,600 produced. 

There are over 17 King Air variants on the market today, all of which offer exemplary cabin size, speed, and range.

Because the King Air is such a legacy aircraft, and thousands of King Air owners are accumulating flight hours each and every year, owners and operators are now looking for avionics upgrades for their King Air that will see them into the future of flying.

Many of the avionics advances available today were either unimagined or unavailable when King Airs were originally produced. From mandated technologies like ADS-B to safety-enhancing technologies like SBAS/WAAS LPV, touch screens, and Synthetic Vision, retrofitting the King Air with modern avionics can enhance the overall performance while extending the life of the King Air long into the future.

SBAS/WAAS-Capable Flight Management System

For today’s modern airspace, a SBAS-WAAS-capable flight management system that allows localizer performance (LP) and localizer performance with vertical guidance (LPV) precision approaches is key.

SBAS/WAAS provides precision approach guidance into airports and runways where there was previously only one localizer or no precision guidance at all.

Upgrading your King Air with a modern flight management system will improve your flight deck capabilities with more features and a simpler operation. 


Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) has single-handedly transformed surveillance and identification since it became mandated for controlled airspace in January 2020. Whether your King Air holds any variation of legacy equipment, like a steam gauge, or the latest in glass cockpit technology, an ADS-B mandate compliant update is essential.

Meeting the mandate will get you ADS-B Out only. You won’t see any changes in the flight deck or pilot operations. Common ADS-B options for King Airs include:

  • Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 Airspace Modernization
    • Upgrade all three AFDs to -3010E
    • Install new Synthetic Vision Computer
    • Upgrade DBU to -5010E
    • Upgrade TDR-94Ds to -501
    • Upgrade GPS-4000 to -010
    • Upgrade IFIS to latest status
  • Garmin GTN/GTX King Air Package:
    • Upgrade GNS-430W to GTN-625
    • Install GTX-345 ADS-B In/Out Transponder
    • Install GTX-335 ADS-B Out Transponder
    • Install Flight Stream 510
  • Garmin G1000 to G1000nxi Upgrade:
    • Replace existing pilot and co-pilot PFDs with new GDU-1050s
    • Replace existing MFD with a new GDU-1550
    • Replace existing display controller with a new GDU-477
    • New software load
  • Garmin G1000nxi Installation
    • Nose to tail and wingtip to wingtip full avionics suite transformation
    • Whole new glass cockpit, LPV capable WAAS/GPS, digital AHRS/ADC, digital radar, digital autopilot

Upgrade Your King Air’s Avionics

At Winner Aviation, our team has handled avionics upgrades of all types, and we’re ready to take your aircraft’s cockpit display to the next level. Get in touch with the Winner Aviation maintenance team to discuss what’s next for your King Air or to schedule an avionics upgrade.

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