Winner Aviation’s Avionics Department is leading the way in cutting-edge avionics upgrades, installations, troubleshooting and repairs. From installing new and used avionics to panel refurbishments, we’re committed to providing our customers with the best aviation products, service, and support available today.

Winner Aviation is a factory authorized dealer for the leading avionics vendors (listed below). We specialize in the latest technology to help you find the right solution for your aircraft.

Winner Aviation is a Certified Dealer for these Avionics Manufacturers:

From their trusted line of Stratus products to their innovative flight data monitoring solutions, Appareo Aviation has been developing game-changing products for more than 15 years. 

BendixKing designs, develops, sells and supports a full suite of avionics, including integrated flight decks, navigators, audio panels, radios, transponders and ADS-B transceivers, autopilots, radar-based storm sensors, and in-flight and on-ground connectivity.

We provide a single resource for best-in-class flight planning, trip support and flight operations management.

EDMO serves commercial, corporate, military, and general aviation customers in the fixed-wing and rotor markets.

Electronics International is known worldwide for precision engine monitors and aircraft instruments.

Genesys Aerosystems brings together Chelton Flight Systems, Inc. and S-TEC Corporation, previously doing business as Cobham Avionics.

Since their founding in 1985, Heads Up Technologies has enhanced the experience of flight for thousands of customers by providing them with innovative new products that range from voice and data systems, to LED lighting, to cabin management systems, and more.

Honeywell delivers improved fuel-efficiency, more direct and on-time flights, safer and more comfortable travel and better flight planning and traffic management. Honeywell has one of the industry’s most advanced portfolios including world-class engines, cockpits, cabin design, wireless connectivity and enterprise performance management services.

Icom has introduced the aircraft handheld, mobile and base radios for use onboard and in field aviation use. These radios are used as primary ground communication as well as ground to air and backup aircraft communication equipmen

We are a leader in providing new-generation avionics capabilities, offering a variety of Next-Gen compliant ADS-B transponders, including our Lynx and the NXT-Series panel- and remote-mount series products.

For more than half of a century, Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics has been an industry leader in the overhaul, exchange, repair, design and manufacturing of aircraft instruments, avionics and advanced power solutions.

Shadin Avionics designs and manufactures a variety of digital fuel and altitude management systems, airdata computers, fuel flow data converters, engine trend monitors and custom instrumentation to DO160 and DO178 levels.

uAvionix develops the world’s smallest, lightest and most affordable ADS-B transceivers, transponders, and GPS receivers. uAvionix has gathered a cross-disciplinary team of experts in embedded RF engineering, sUAS operations, avionics, hardware, software, and cloud services.

Winner Aviation is also a Full Service FAA-Certified Class I, II, and III Avionics Repair Station. Our capabilities include the ability to install, repair, and update all avionics systems.


Our customer commitment has earned us a reputation as one of the industry’s foremost avionics service centers. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and experienced and know to work with our customers to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. Across every part of our Maintenance Services, we are dedicated to:

  • Providing minimal down-times
  • Fixing problems right the first time
  • Returning a clean aircraft
  • Courteous preparation of the invoice with no surprises

For any Avionics Inspections, Troubleshooting, Installs, Upgrades, and Repairs, please send us an email at avionics@winner-aviation.com.

Learn more about our full range of Maintenance Services and the types of aircraft we main

Avionics Priorities:

#1 top #1 = AVIONICS SYSTEM UPGRADES. A lot of the aircraft we work on has old avionics items that are in desperate need for upgrade.

Top 5 Otherwise

  1. Instrument Panel Upgrades (Analog to Digital)
  2. Avionics System Upgrade (ProLine Modernization)
  3. Cabin Entertainment Systems
  4. RVSM, 411 & 413 Inspections
  5. Auto-Pilot Troubleshooting & Repair

Other Info

Full Service FAA Repair Station

Winner Aviation is a Full Service FAA Repair Station with Radio Class I, II, and III ratings.

Class 1: Communication Equipment

Radio transmitting and/or receiving equipment used in an aircraft to send or receive communications in flight, regardless of carrier frequency or type of modulation used. This equipment includes auxiliary and related aircraft interphone systems, amplifier systems, electrical or electronic intercrew signaling devices, and similar equipment. This equipment does not include equipment used for navigating or aiding navigation of aircraft, equipment used for measuring altitude or terrain clearance, other measuring equipment operated on radio or radar principles, or mechanical, electrical, gyroscopic, or electronic instruments that are a part of communications radio equipment.

Class 2: Navigational Equipment

A radio system used in an aircraft for en route or approach navigation. This does not include equipment operated on radar or pulsed radio frequency principles, or equipment used for measuring altitude or terrain clearance.

Class 3: Radar Equipment

An aircraft electronic system operated on radar or pulsed radio frequency principles.



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