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Owners and operators of Cessna Conquests know just how special this aircraft is. An incredibly capable Turbo Prop, the Cessna Conquest has range, speed and high payload than many other Turbo Props out there. An issue that often arises with Cessna Conquests, however, is overall age of the aircraft. In recent years, questions have been raised over the potential of surfaces to crack due to age, which has led to new Supplemental Inspection Documents (SIDs) to be created to further hone what a thorough and rigorous annual inspection for a Cessna Conquest would look like. It’s because of this that such a special aircraft deserves absolute best-in-class service.

Winner Aviation is FAA certified, trained and experienced on most Cessna Conquest models and engines, from Cessna Textron Aviation’s single engine piston aircraft up through Cessna Caravan 208B. We specialize in airframe and engine inspections, repairs and modifications, parts and component overhaul and avionics installations. We follow strict adherence to all FAA-regulated maintenance schedules as well as all requirements set forth by the Cessna Conquest SIDs, including the demating of the wing and tail from the fuselage to inspect for corrosion.

The most recent inspection requirements for Cessna Conquests include:

  • Aircraft with flight hours of 9,300 to 10,999 must receive an inspection within 100 flight hours and then receive inspections every 100 flight hours thereafter.
  • Aircraft with flight hours of 11,000 to 12,499 must receive an inspection within 50 flight hours and then receive inspections every 50 flight hours thereafter until 12,500 flight hours life limit is replaced.
  • Aircraft with 12,500 or more flight hours must receive an inspection within 25 flight hours and then receive inspections every 50 flight hours thereafter until the spar cap is replaced. The aircraft should then be inspected every 200 hours or every 6 months, whichever comes first.

As a Factory Authorized Service Center, Winner Aviation has received mandated, specialized training to service Cessna Conquests, among others. We also have the special tooling and equipment needed to service the intricacies of the Cessna Conquests. And, should an issue arise or your aircraft needs a specialized part, we have direct links to factory service representatives and can make the repair quickly and seamlessly.

For more information about our Cessna Conquest inspections, or to ask questions of our Head of Maintenance, contact us today.

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