Everything You Need to Know About Cabin Management Systems

cabin management system

A Cabin Management System is the interface for the cabin crew to monitor and control all aircraft functions related to the cabin. From passenger signs and calls to galley controls to cabin illumination, the cabin management system is central to passenger interaction with the aircraft.

A cabin management system is a standard feature in every new business aircraft delivered, but that doesn’t mean that aircraft owners are required to make a one-size-fits-all decision.

What’s Typically Included in a Cabin Management System

While every cabin management system is different and depends on the specific aircraft’s purpose, cabin management systems typically cover:

Cabin Environment

Cabin management systems can manage the lights, shades, and audio/visual sources within the cabin and can even sometimes be customized to fit specific moods or aesthetics. Cabin management systems allow for the individual control of seat environments through climate and entertainment selections, all of which can even be handled via a touchscreen interface depending on the CMS.


A cabin management system can allow passengers to stream music and video to their smartphones, tablets, or laptops. In certain instances, cabin management systems also control Blu-ray or DVD players from the comfort of a passenger’s seat. Passengers may also be able to view real-time flight maps with instant flight data via the cabin management system.

Virtual Office

Cabin management systems can also allow for in-flight passenger productivity by enabling internet, file sharing, integrated communicates, and mobile/laptop charging stations within the cabin.

Retrofitting a Cabin Management System

Not all cabin management systems are the same, with line-replaceable units varying from aircraft to aircraft depending on cabin control and cabin functionalities. This makes it a possibility for aircraft owners to bring new or upgraded cabin management system functionality to their existing aircraft cabins.

If an aircraft owner is purchasing a used aircraft or is hoping to replace an out-of-production system, they have plenty of options available to them. Modern cabin management systems are widely scalable, with smaller aircraft retrofits being able to be turned around within an 8 week downtime. Of course, the more complex the installation, the longer the downtime.

Upgrading Cabin Management Systems

Aircraft owners tend to look into cabin management system upgrades when their aircraft is in for other maintenance that results in longer downtime, or when they’re hoping to increase the value of their aircraft. This is because cabin management systems tend to age out over time, with equipment either becoming irreparable or they eventually aren’t supported by the original manufacturer. Plus, technology is constantly changing and evolving, and many aircraft owners will want to capitalize on the latest in passenger communication and comfort.

Collins Aerospace Venue Cabin Management System

The Collins Venue cabin management system is one excellent example of a fully-integrated cabin management system. Offering unparalleled quality, advanced innovation, and a customized experience, the cabin management system will allow the cabin to be an extension of a passenger’s lifestyle.

Featuring a fiber-optic backbone with high bandwidth and wired and wireless capabilities, the Venue cabin management system can accommodate the changing needs of the aircraft cabin configuration. 

Rely on Winner Aviation for your Cabin Management System Upgrade

Whether you’re aiming to upgrade your cabin management system or retrofit an existing system with newer technology, Winner Aviation is your go-to MRO for expert knowledge and diligent care. Request a quote from us today to get the process started.

Main image via Collins Aerospace

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