Honeywell To Release a Cloud-Based Cockpit System

Honeywell anthem cloud based cockpit

At the end of 2021, Honeywell announced that they would soon be releasing cloud-connected aircraft cockpit system. There has never before been a cockpit system that’s always on and securely connected to the cloud, and this innovative system will improve flight efficiency, operations, safety, and comfort.

The Honeywell Anthem flight deck will bring unprecedented levels of connectivity, alongside an interface that is completely customizable.

Innovative Technology

The fact that the Honeywell Anthem flight deck is entirely cloud-based means that the server is always turned on no matter what. This means that a pilot can be at home, assemble their flight plan, and upload it from their device to the aircraft before they ever leave their home.

For owners or operators with a larger fleet and a maintenance partner, the maintenance team can log in to the cloud-connected system at any time to assess the statistics of an aircraft. This allows for a smoother pre-flight and post flight, and helps the maintenance team to know what maintenance events are coming up, and if the aircraft is airworthy.

The Honeywell Anthem will consistently monitor a pilot’s flight path and will update the flight plan real-time. If an emergency landing is needed, for example, the Honeywell Anthem will trigger a back-up flight plan that will constantly update. This level of aircraft autonomy will relieve stress on pilots and promote safety and efficiency.


With this completely digital cockpit, the displays are completely interchangeable. A pilot can login to the system and create a profile that determines what data they will have in front of them during the flight. This level of customization and interchangeability will allow a pilot to tailor their flight deck to their individual flight needs.

The Honeywell Anthem will also be the first ever display that will offer 2k resolution—which is the most clear picture and display that any avionics package can offer today. Within the display, pilots will be able to visualize 3D runways, 3D airport maps, and the highest level of synthetic vision on the market.

Pilots can also add certain third party apps to their display, which makes checking weather and airport cameras seamless and efficient.

The interface will be easy-to-use and structured similar to a smartphone that a pilot is already familiar with. With just a few swipes, pilots can reconfigure their screen or cluster information together, just as they would with a smart device. Not to mention, the Honeywell Anthem will allow for more visualization and graphics, whereas previous interactions of the flight deck have been text-based with limited text entry. It’ll provide pilots and other critical flight personnel with the ability to seamlessly access data, improve operational efficiency, and, above all, fly safer.

What Honeywell Anthem Means for Maintenance

Diagnostics will become more real-time and seamless with the launch of the Honeywell Anthem. For example, if there is an issue with an oxygen leak, the maintenance team will be alerted on the ground even while a pilot is still in the air. They’ll be able to login to the server and start determining diagnostic steps ahead of time. The initial troubleshooting can still be completed while the pilot is in the air, ultimately saving them labor costs once they’re on the ground.

Historically, and the way it remains today, maintenance teams and pilots had to both be on board an aircraft with wired connections in order to transfer critical data like maintenance statuses and flight plans. With the launch of Honeywell Anthem, that changes entirely. Once a Honeywell Anthem system is installed, data can be transferred even without needing to be physically near the aircraft (via the cloud). Plus, the Honeywell Anthem will generate and transfer data from servers on the ground to all involved parties—maintenance, fuel, etc.—so they always have the information they need to support the pilot and maintain the aircraft efficiently.

How to Get the Honeywell Anthem in Your Aircraft

The Honeywell Anthem is in its initial experimental phase at this time. The first launch phase will fulfill contracts with Advanced Air Mobility. From there, supplemental type certificates are projected to be approved by 2025.

Once the STCs are approved and Honeywell begins distributing the Anthem system,  you will be able to make a plan to implement this game-changing flight deck into your aircraft. The Honeywell Anthem can be retrofitted for just about any aircraft, but the maintenance team at Winner Aviation can help you come up with your specific avionics upgrade plan.

Count on us to stay up-to-date with the latest Honeywell Anthem updates, including when the system may be available for you and your aircraft. Contact our maintenance team with questions, or to discuss any avionics upgrades that may be available to you now.

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