How Far Can a Cessna Citation Fly?

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The Cessna Citation CJ3 series is the industry’s best-selling light jet series. A proven performer, the Citation CJ3’s connectivity, price, range, and operating efficiency makes it a best-in-class aircraft for owners and operators. And Textron continues to iterate on their already exceptional series. In early 2021, they released the 600th aircraft from the CJ3 family—a Cessna Citation CJ3+.

The CJ3 has one of the longest cabins in the light jet class, and is designed to maximize comfort while efficiently utilizing cabin space. With fourteen windows, seven passengers can enjoy ample light and beautiful views as they fly, and additional passengers can be flown by utilizing the aft enclosed lavatory seat. In addition to the spacious cabin, the Cessna Citation CJ3 has plenty of baggage space.

The cockpit accommodates two crew members, but  the aircraft is ultimately engineered with single-pilot operation in mind. Most CJ3s include the Rockwell Collins ProLine 21 avionics system to display all the necessary flight information, in a streamline and cohesive manner.

It’s also designed for efficient flights by minimizing fuel costs and environmental impact. With its fuel efficiency, accommodating design, and well-equipped flight deck, how far can the Cessna Citation CJ3 fly?

Cessna Citation CJ3 Range

The range of an aircraft is the distance an aircraft can fly between takeoff and landing. It is ultimately limited by the fuel capacity of the aircraft, as well as the overall speed and environmental conditions the aircraft is flying in.

While there are a lot of equations that determine an aircraft’s operating range, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you to determine how far a Cessna can fly.

A Cessna Citation CJ3 can fly roughly 1,200 nautical miles at max loading, which equates to roughly 3 to 3.5 hours of flight time. This means that you can fly coast-to-coast in a Cessna Citation CJ3 with just one stop. The CJ3s have a slightly shorter range than other comparable aircraft, and other models in the citation line, because they are so well-equipped for their size.

The Factors That Determine Flight Range

When calculating range, it’s important to consider the payload. The useful payload of an aircraft is the amount of weight that’s available after the operational weight has been deducted. The operational weight is the basic weight of the aircraft, including the crew, all necessary operational fluids (engine oil, potable water, unusable fuel), as well as all items and equipment necessary for air operation.

For a Cessna Citation CJ3, the range capabilities approximately cap when the payload reaches 1,800 pounds. At 1,800 pounds, the CJ3 can fly for about 1,200 nautical miles. As payload decreases, range increases—roughly 200 additional nautical miles for every 400 pounds. This adds up to a maximum range of roughly 1700 nautical miles.

Of course weight isn’t the only factor that determines flight range. Flight conditions and crew experience are also variables that influence range.

Understanding Flight Range

Most aircraft don’t perform to the letter, and even small airframe differences will factor into range assumptions.

That’s why it’s so important to trust your crew’s flight planning experience to know what your specific aircraft is capable of. Your crew will be able to take into consideration cruise speed, descent speed, fuel burn, and the weather implications at the time of the flight.

What is the Citation CJ3 Cruise Speed?

The maximum citation cj3 cruise speed is 415 kts, 769 km/h. For long range speed, the maximum is 351 kts, 650 km/h.

How High can a Cessna Fly?

The height at which a Cessna can fly really depends on the model. A Cessna can reach heights between the ranges of 13,000 up to 51,000 feet. The highest flying Cessna model is the Cessna Citation X, which has a service ceiling of 51,000 feet!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Far can a Single Engine Plane Fly?

Depending on the fuel capacity and optional tanks, small planes can fly from  500 nautical miles, up to 1500. On average, the middle of that price range is quite high. The range is dependent on how long you can sit in the plane and how much gas the plane can carry.

Get the Most Out of Your Cessna Citation

If you own a Cessna Citation, make sure you’re getting the most out of it. Talk with our team about avionics upgrades for your Cessna, or review your maintenance schedule with our Maintenance Team. 

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