How to Find a Honeywell Authorized Service Center

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Honeywell Aerospace products are found on nearly every commercial, defense, and space aircraft across the globe. Honeywell’s products deliver better fuel-efficiency, more direct and on-time flights, safer and more comfortable travel, and better flight planning and management. Their innovative products range from engines and cockpits to cabin designs and wireless connectivity services.

If your aircraft has a Honeywell product installed, you want to make sure a Honeywell Authorized Service Center is the one maintaining or upgrading the components. Because Honeywell is constantly innovating and iterating on their products, working with a Honeywell Authorized Service Center will guarantee you’re working with an MRO who is up-to-date and knowledgeable with all diagnostics, maintenance, and warranties. Here’s how to find a Honeywell authorized service center.

Option 1: Search Honeywell’s Repair Center Database

Honeywell has an extensive repair center database that will connect you with a Honeywell Authorized Service Center near you that is specifically certified for the type of repair you need. The search tool is robust and allows you to enter the Part Number or Description of what is in need of service.

Once you’ve entered in the basic part number or description information, you’ll have the ability to sort your results even further with search filters. The search filters include:

  • Certifications
  • Repair Centers
  • Manufactured By

You’ll also have the ability to filter the results by Part Number or Part Description in ascending or descending order.

Once you’ve filtered your search, the search tool will deliver one or more results for Honeywell Authorized Service Centers near you, with a convenient button to contact that service center directly.

Honeywell’s Repair Center Database is a great tool if you know the exact part number or manufacturer details for your aircraft or need. However, if you have simply noticed an issue and know that a repair is needed but you’re not sure on what, the Honeywell Repair Center Database may not be your best choice for how to find a Honeywell authorized service center.

Option 2: Contact Winner Aviation

Winner Aviation is the world’s oldest Honeywell TPE-331 Factory Authorized Service Center. Winner Aviation is also factory authorized to service Honeywell TFE-731 engines.

The TPE-331 turboprop engine is one of the most reliable and proven turboprop engines in the world today. With exceptional horsepower response and best-in-class fuel economy, pilots enjoy flying TPE-331-powered aircraft.

Several conversion programs are also available for the TPE-331, so be sure to talk with our maintenance team on how to enable your aircraft to:

  • Take off shorter
  • Climb faster
  • Cruise farther and faster
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Lower overall operating costs

The TFE-731 is a turbofan engine with proven experience, performance, and reliability. Most aircraft owners/operators are completely satisfied with the performance of this legendary engine, which was first certified in 1972 and has since been improved upon with 20 different models. The latest TFE-731 engine, the TFE731-50R boasts 70 improvements to the already robust engine, including improved core and low-pressure spool technologies, new digital electronic engine control (DEEC), and a complete nacelle and thrust reverser system.

If your aircraft has an older TFE-731 engine model, talk with the Winner Aviation maintenance team about your required maintenance to ensure continued reliability and performance.

We’re Here to Help

If you’re looking for a Honeywell Authorized Service Center for your engine repair and maintenance, look no further than Winner Aviation. We are an established Honeywell service center and understand the nuances of Honeywell’s incredible engines.

To maintain our status as a Factory Authorized Service Center, our technicians receive factory-approved, aircraft-specific training. Having consistently up-to-date information about your aircraft allows our techs to reduce inspection and troubleshooting time, saving you both time and money, and to ultimately ensure your safety.

Contact us today to discuss your Honeywell engine, or to schedule maintenance with our team.


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