How to Save on Aircraft Labor Costs

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An MRO telling you how to save money on aircraft labor costs? Believe it! At Winner Aviation, your bottom line takes priority over ours, especially when it comes to making sure your aircraft is in the best, safest condition.

If your MRO is charging you list price for all your piece parts, they may not have your best interest in mind. A great repair partner will work to find options that save you money, maybe by sourcing piece parts from other units or cannibalizing units already on their shelves. More on that here.

A true repair partner will pursue other cost-saving options, as well. There are usually many money-saving options available, and a good partner will consider all the options with your best interest in mind. In fact, combining inspections with other maintenance services can save you up to 60 labor-hours at a time, cutting up to a week off of downtime and thousands off your final bill.

What your MRO should be doing to save you money

An MRO that has your back and wants to help you reduce labor hours will look ahead to the next 24 months at ALL the work you’ll be having done on the aircraft. This could be inspections, due items, or optional upgrades. They’ll use that information to tell you the best way to combine the work in order to save you the most on labor hours.

For example, let’s say you have an upcoming inspection that requires the interior to be removed. On top of that, you’ve decided that you want some of the following completed:

  • To redye the seats or reupholster the sidewall
  • To install wifi or upgrade your avionics instrument panel
  • Or anything else that requires the interior to be removed

Your MRO should suggest that you combine those efforts with your upcoming inspection, because it will save you 50 to 60 hours of labor.

Other ways one-stop MROs save you money

It’s not just making smart aircraft part choices and combining labor efforts—choosing a one-stop MRO (like us!) can save you money right out of the gate. 

Less transit time

In a traditional MRO setting, where different facilities specialize in diverse processes and might be spread out across the country, ferrying your aircraft from one vendor to the next can add up to 4 extra days to the maintenance process. It’s a waste of valuable time, which equals money.

MROs like Winner Aviation have everything they need in-house, from experienced technicians to a complete range of back shops to an aircraft paint hangar. This way, your aircraft never goes further than a few feet for the next step in your maintenance process.

Less Fuel

Ferrying your aircraft to multiple locations means more fuel and crew costs. When you use a MRO facility like Winner Aviation’s, your aircraft moves no further than to an adjoining hangar for some procedures like painting. Ultimately, this saves you time and money.

Winner Aviation is here to help

At Winner Aviation, we have your best interest in mind always. From the first conversation with us about your aircraft needs, we’ll partner with you to come up with the best schedule, solution, and suggestions to keep your aircraft running in top-shape. Contact us today to speak with our maintenance experts.

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