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Introducing the first installment of Maintenance Memo, a quarterly round-up of the latest aviation news and updates from our maintenance team as well as our trusted partners. Here, you’ll find clickable resources to dive deeper into specific topics, as well as brief overviews if you’re just looking for the highlights.

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Honeywell Unveils The First Cloud-Connected Cockpit System

Honeywell has unveiled a cockpit system that offers a cloud-connected experience to improve flight efficiency, operations, safety, and comfort. This game-changing development brings unprecedented levels of connectivity, an intuitive interface modeled after everyday smart devices, and a scalable and extremely customizable design.

“Honeywell is not just launching a new flight deck—we are changing the way pilots operate aircraft and creating a more intuitive experience than ever,” said Mike Madson, Honeywell Aerospace’s president and CEO.

This new development ultimately solves the problem created by increasingly complex aircrafts—allowing them to function with more autonomy and creating a safer, more efficient environment for operators. It also allows disjoined systems to work together more seamlessly to deliver critical information to pilots.

Honeywell First Cloud-Connected Cockpit System

Image via Honeywell

More on this breakthrough equipment here.

MidContinent Releases The Chronos Digital Clock and MAX Power TA360 USB Chargers

MidContinent has recently introduced a complete line of multifunction digital clocks. The new CHRONOS Series features eight modes of operation: local time, UTC/Zulu time, flight timer, countdown timer, stopwatch, volts, outside air temperature (OAT), and secondary air temperature. CHRONOS clocks are available with single and dual USB chargers and deliver up to 75 watts of USB power.

Easy to install and an ideal replacement for aging analog and digital clocks with limited functionality, CHRONOS digital clocks bridge what was once a clear gap within the market for modern, multifunction clocks.

MidContinent CHRONOS digital clocks

MidContinent has also recently released MAX Power TA360 USB Chargers. With 4 times more power, you can upgrade your aircraft with the fastest, highest power USB chargers that feature the latest USB-PD technology with variable voltage output, providing maximum power needed for each device.

MAX chargers feature intelligent voltage output and deliver up to 60 watts of power per port. They are compatible with all USB-C PD, traditional USB-c, and USB-A devices.

MidContinent MAX Power TA360 USB Charger

More on MidContinents newest products here.

Reliability is Priority for AeroLEDS

Reliability is the priority for any light, whether flying at 50 or 35,000 feet. Hence the need for drastic changes in lighting technology since the dawn of aviation. Incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, and xenon have all been eclipsed by the performance and reliability gains of LED technology—which has become the new benchmark.

AeroLEDs™, Boise, ID – designs and manufactures PREMIUM LED lighting products that are 10x more efficient, rated for 30,000+ hr MTBF, draw far less current than legacy lighting and require no external hi-voltage power supply. With the focus on key metrics like performance, efficiency, and reliability, AeroLEDs’ revolutionary LED landing, taxi and navigational lighting products are designed for some of the most extreme operating conditions on the planet and far exceed the performance of their competitors and legacy lighting systems.

AeroLEDs’ SunSpot™ Series – voted Best LED Landing Light by Aviation Consumer, can be seen from up to 30 miles away and can be left on in all phases of flight as they draw 40% less power – significantly reducing the electrical load on the airplane’s battery and alternator system. Outputting a solid, evenly distributed light beam, the SunSpot Series LEDs emit exceptional color rendering of an object due to their bright white (blue/green) color temperature. As opposed to “grayed” out images from the lower color temperature of legacy incandescent lamps. They also maintain their full light output even at low engine RPM, which is critical for landing configuration. Also available with an integrated pulse (Wig-Wag) option

AeroLEDs’ SunSpot™ Series

More on AeroLEDs here.

AirText Makes Communication Seamless

AirText communication systems allows for up to 16 users to text, email, and call via the Iridium satellite network. For just $0.05, passengers can send a text message from anywhere in the world at any altitude. In addition to talk, text, and email, AirText+ provides an interface for a high-quality Ultra HD interactive moving map that can be displayed on personal electronic devices or on a bulkhead monitor. There is even a retrofit solution to provide the cabin with high-quality ultra-HD display that shows time and distance to the destination, altitude, ground speed, and much more. The system uses data directly from the flight deck to stream air data to personal electronic devices.

AirText communication systems

More on AirText’s HD Moving Map here.

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