Pro Line 21 Modernization for King Air, Hawker, and Premier 1/1A

Collins Pro Line Fusion

Avionics upgrades add value to your aircraft and can offer advanced capabilities and reliability for those operating their aircraft. In recent years, Collins Aerospace has released a Pro Line 4 to Pro Line 21 upgrade that takes the cockpit display and visuals to the next level, all while improving situational awareness and reducing pilot workload. 

The Pro Line 21 upgrade brought to owners and operators an LCD flight deck display upgrade, including enhancements like LPV FMS navigation , XM graphical weather, and FMS chartlink. Owners and operators who upgraded their system from Pro Line 4 to Pro Line 21 saw significant increase in functionality and situational awareness, and the new graphics capabilities offered a path to a paperless flight deck while providing a higher level of operational efficiency and convenience.

The Collins Aerospace Pro Line 21 is a trusted, capable flight deck—and now, airspace modernization bundles are available that will equip your Pro Line 21 for the future. The Pro Line 21 flight deck is so much more than synthetic vision. Modernization packages integrate ADS-B Out annunciations and Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) approaches. Currently, this modernization upgrade is available for King Air, Hawker, and Premier 1/1 A aircraft.

Synthetic Vision Systems (SVS)

The Collins Synthetic Vision Systems (SVS) makes it easier and safer to approach a busy, unfamiliar airport. The SVS adds distinct mile markers, runway highlights, lead-ins, and airport identifiers to easily identify a destination airport. With the Synthetic Vision System, pilots can fly with increased confidence at night, or in any inclement weather.

  • Always know where you are relative to nearby terrain
  • Stay oriented with your landing runway (requires an additional SVS database)
  • See where your airplane is going with the Flight Path vector


Transition from ground-based to space-based tracking, which enables more aircraft to fly more efficient routes with closer spacing. The Pro Line 21 modernization bundle complies with the latest ADS-B standards for worldwide acceptance.

WAAS-Capable GPS

WAAS is the technology that enables precision RNAV GPS approaches, LPV, and the ADS-B Out mandate.

Data Link (VHF)

Controller-pilot data link communications (CPDLC) is a means of communication between the controller and the pilot, ultimately using data link for ATC communications. With CPDLC capability, operators can get in the air faster and to their destination sooner with clearances and seamless communication. 

CPDLC offers a two-way data link system that enables controllers to transmit non-urgent messages to an aircraft as an alternative to voice communication. The message is then displayed on a flight deck visual display. 

The CPDLC application provides air-ground data communication for the ATC service. It enables a number of data link services that provide for the exchange of communication management and clearance/information/request messages. These messages correspond with voice phraseology employed by air traffic control procedures.

Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS)

When integrated with the Pro Line 21 system, the flight management system shares flight-plan data with the IFIS. This information sharing allows for automated chart selection, aircraft positioning on the chart, overlaying the flight plan on graphical weather, and so much more. This ultimately reduces the workload of the pilot without needing any additional devices in the cockpit.

Everything Included in the Pro Line 21 Modernization Bundle

Baseline bundles for the Pro Line 21 modernization include the latest AFD software version 104. And FMS software version 4.2 to support worldwide LPV/RNP and establish a baseline for the latest options like integrated ADS-B, IFIS 6, and SVS. Upgrades are available for:

  • AFD 3010E wall-to-wall ADI
  • Flight patch vector
  • Integrated ADS-B annunciation
  • Enhanced engine indication
  • LPV (EASA APV) (complies with TAWS mode 5 monitoring requirements)
  • FMS 4.x RNAV GPS approach
  • LPV approaches
  • Increased database memory (vs. FMS 3.X) (ability to load world/FMS world database)
  • XYZ approaches
  • Integrated RAIM
  • FMS 4.2 RF legs (curved approach)
  • RNP 1/RNP 2/RNP 4
  • FMS runway depiction on SVS
  • FMS navigation beyond 73N and 60S
  • WAAS GPS (enables ADS-B and LPV/APV)
  • IFIS version 6 electronic charts (chart link)

Options are also available for:

  • Synthetic vision system on PFD
  • Optional runway database (requires subscription to database)
  • XM/SXM satellite weather (requires additional hardware)
  • ARINC graphical weather (requires purchase of the data link option)
  • Second FMS/GPS
  • VHF data link (growth for CPDLC)
  • HF-9000 high-frequency radio
  • Airshow 500 (for Premier 1A, IFIS version 6 is a baseline feature for aircraft already equipped with IFIS-5000)
  • MFD composite video (FLIR or security camera)
  • Collins Avionics Service Program (CASP)

Winner Aviation is a Certified Collins Aerospace Dealer

Winner Aviation is a certified Collins Aerospace dealer and is trained and experienced in Pro Line 21 upgrades and modernization packages. Talk with our maintenance team about modernizing your Pro Line 21, and the options available to you and your King Air, Hawker, or Premier 1/1A aircraft.

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