Smart Glide Is Added to the Garmin Instrument Panel 

smart glide technology for garmin

Smart Glide technology is now available for the Garmin G3X Touch and G5 electronic flight instrument. Smart Glide is designed to automate tasks to reduce pilot workload.

A revolutionary safety tool, Smart Glide will help pilots in the event of a loss of engine power. If engine power is lost during a flight, a pilot must urgently maneuver the aircraft from its current position to the closest suitable airport. Smart Glide will provide assistance to the pilot by recommending an appropriate airport that’s within glide range, and will also provide critical information to the pilot and optimize avionics settings. These crucial components help save the pilot time and workload.

Activation and Airport Selection

If engine power is lost, pilots can activate Smart Glide via an optional dedicated Smart Glide button or by holding the Direct-to button for two seconds to initiate activation. Once Smart Glide is activated, Smart Glide will recommend an airport and automatically create a route for the pilot to follow. Smart Glide will consider several factors when choosing the recommended airport, such as:

  • Runway length and condition
  • Proximity
  • Terrain
  • Available weather data
  • Current measured winds

If the aircraft is equipped with a GTX 345/GTX 345R transponder, a GNX 375, or a GSR 56/GDL 69/GDL 69A, then Smart Glide will also take VFR/IFR conditions into consideration. The pilot has the ability to select an alternate airport if they choose. 

If a suitable airport is not within glide range, then Smart Glide will provide an audio and visual alert to the pilot. It will continue searching for an airport within range while configuring the best glide speed for the aircraft.

Critical Information Accessibility

Pilots will be able to easily access critical information to better prepare for a landing at a potentially unfamiliar airport. The Smart Glide will display glide speed based on the specific aircraft, designated airport, alternative airport list, arrival above ground level (AGL) altitude, longest runway information, and wind components as well as an alert banner to keep the pilot informed of glide status and instructions. Smart Glide will also provide a Map Page, which will show airports within glide range and dynamically adjust based on current winds and terrain. 

When the aircraft is within four nautical miles of the designated airport, Smart Glide will alert the pilot. Within two miles of the airport, alerts will flash visually and audibly and the pilot will be advised to resume control and begin maneuvering for landing.

Smart Glide for Garmin

Smart Glide will become available with a GTN Xi series navigator paired with a compatible Garmin flight display, including the G500 TXi/G600 TXi, GI 275 electronic flight instrument, the G3X Touch, and the G5 electronic flight instrument. 

We are here to help. If you need maintenance assistance for your Garmin instrument panel, request a quote from our maintenance team today.

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