The 3 Most Common Repairs for Beechjets

Beechjet Inspection

A Beechjet is an exceptional aircraft. Built for convenience and efficiency, both for commercial and individual use, the Beechjet boasts great payload, fuel storage, and cabin volume. Despite being such a reliable aircraft, there are a handful of repairs for Beechjets that are common. Keep these in mind as you’re performing your pre-flight inspections and when talking with your MRO about your upcoming Beechjet inspections.

One of the Most Costly Repairs for Beechjets: Elevator Heater Horn

Particularly for Beechjets that are more active, the elevator heater horn can become damaged by general wear and tear of the composite coating.

In Beechjets, there are heater mats that are bonded to the right and left leading edges of the stabilizer and to the left and right of the elevator horns. Those heater mats effectively provide ice protection for both the horizontal stabilizer and the elevator. The mats consist of five independent heating elements that are molded to the leading edge and four elements that are molded to each elevator horn.

If the composite coating around those elements become damaged in any way, then the entire heating element becomes at risk of failure. This could ultimately lead to an expensive overhaul or the entire heating element needing to be replaced.

You can help prevent this costly Beechjet repair by performing routine pre-flight inspections. Look for rubberized coating that has started to peel off or even holes in the coating. If you spot coating that is peeling or has holes in it, contact your MRO immediately so they can assess the damage.

One of the Most Easily Caught Repairs for Beechjets: Air Cycle Machine and Air Conditioning

The Air Cycle Machine (ACM) is part of a scheduled inspection event, making it one of the most easily caught repairs for Beechjets. The freon air conditioning system commonly fails due to everyday wear, tear, and use.

However, it’s imperative that any air conditioning system or ACM repairs aren’t delayed if the issue is caught during a scheduled inspection. Beechjet’s air conditioning systems are inaccessible and are a challenge to get to and repair—turning an otherwise one or two day repair into a week-long repair. That’s why, if the aft baggage interior is already removed during a scheduled inspection, repairs are significantly more efficient and affordable.

One of the Longest Repairs for Beechjets: ACM and Engine Wiring

During the D check inspection event, your ACM will be completely removed and inspected. Often, the wire wrap bellows that connect the engine to the ACM become fatigued and begin to break. The ACM is what controls the pressurization and air conditioning for the aircraft, so keeping the entire system, including the wiring, in top shape is important.

Because the Beechjet is an older aircraft, the availability for comparable wiring and bellows is scarce, so the best option is to modify them. A redesigned flex joint is available to eliminate the wire braiding and also eliminate the compromised spot that becomes fatigued.

This redesigned flex joint has to be ordered in advance, so lead time is necessary for this type of Beechjet repair.

Find a Factory Authorized Service Center for your Beechjet Repairs

Winner Aviation is a Factory Authorized Service Center for Beechcraft Textron Aviation’s single engine piston and twin engine piston aircraft. If you suspect an issue with your Beechjet, or you’re in need of a scheduled maintenance event, contact us today.

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