The Ins and Outs of a Challenger Pro Line Fusion Upgrade

challenger proline fusion upgrade

The right avionics upgrade can completely improve a pilot’s overall flight experience. From better situational awareness to on-the-ground updates to systems that are fully integrated, the right avionics can be a game changer for safety, efficiency, and comfort. We’ve previously reviewed the Pro Line 4 to Pro Line 21 upgrade, which effectively takes a cockpit display and visuals to the next level by reducing pilot workload and improving safety. But what’s the next step—the step that will take an aircraft’s avionics even further for a streamlined experience? For the Challenger 604, that next step is a Pro Line Fusion upgrade.

What is the Pro Line Fusion?

The Pro Line Fusion by Collins Aerospace is an integrated avionics system that equips an aircraft with data link capability, high-definition image displays, and touch-screen interactive maps.

The highlights:

  • High-resolution synthetic vision that lets pilots operate like it’s a clear day, every day
  • Data link capability that improves day-to-day communications among on-the-ground controllers and pilots
  • Touch-screen interactive maps and charts that make it easy for a pilot to set up a flight plan, analyze weather, and more.

The Pro Line Fusion is the industry’s first touch-screen primary flight display, which puts easy navigation and control right at a pilot’s fingertips.

Synthetic Vision System

The Pro Line Fusion’s Synthetic Vision System (SVS) increases safety and situational awareness. For example, if a pilot is approaching a busy or unfamiliar airport, the synthetic vision system will display a virtual visual meteorological conditions environment that will display distinct mile markers, runway highlights, lead-ins, and airport dome. This highly informative visual will allow the pilot to easily identify any destination airport.

Data Link

Pro Line Fusion’s data link capability creates a direct link between on-the-ground controllers and the pilot. This one-to-one clear communication allows pilots to get in the air faster and to their destination sooner by streamlining clearances and other vital communication. The Pro Line Fusion ensures a transmission from air traffic control is never missed.

Touch-screen Interactive Maps

Pilots can make flight plan adjustments or set up approaches efficiently and easily with touch-screen interactive maps and charts. With just a few taps of the screen, pilots can keep their eyes forward by reducing their workload. The Pro Line Fusion touch screens feature three 14-inch screen displays, which pilots can either customize for full screen or split screen visuals.

Optional Upgrades

For the challenger 604, owners and operators also have optional features and upgrades at their disposal, including:

  • Performance based navigation support
  • Dual integrated EFB
  • Future air navigation system
  • ATN
  • MultiScan full color weather radar
  • SXM graphical weather
  • RNP localizer performance with vertical guidance
  • ADS-B Out

Talk with Winner Aviation About a Pro Line Fusion Upgrade

The Pro Line Fusion upgrade can provide incredible, all-in-one alternatives for complying with airspace modernization. With turn-key compliance with ADS-B, as well as performance-based navigation, the Pro Line Fusion upgrade is a smart choice for your Challenger 604.

We’re here to help. Contact the Winner Aviation maintenance team for a quote for your Pro Line Fusion upgrade, or any other avionics upgrade-related questions. If you’re interested in a Pro Line Fusion upgrade, schedule the install during significant downtime such as a heavy inspection. This will not only maximize your downtime, but could save on labor costs on interior removal.

Main image via Collin’s Aerospace

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