Understanding Airworthiness

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The term “airworthiness” comes up often in our industry. It’s likely you’ve heard us say the word a time or two, as well. One would assume that airworthiness simply means the readiness and viability of an aircraft for air time, but the truth is that it means so much more.

By definition, airworthiness is the measure of an aircraft’s suitability for safe flight. Certification of airworthiness is confirmed by a certificate from the FAA and is maintained by performing the required maintenance actions.

This certificate acts as the stamp of approval needed for an aircraft to fly. However, airworthiness shouldn’t be the standard you apply to your aircraft.

Value Safety Over Airworthiness

At Winner Aviation, we consider a certificate of airworthiness to be the bare minimum in maintaining and securing an aircraft. One of the biggest mistakes we see aircraft managers make is viewing airworthiness as the standard when there are so many ways to make an aircraft even safer.

For example, most new aircraft off the assembly line have LED lighting. LED lighting isn’t required, but is an important and safe upgrade for an older aircraft. LED lighting offers better visibility and more recognition when flying in heavier airspace. Not to mention, LED lights on the interior means less damage to wiring, fabric, and diffusers because LEDs generate less heat than other bulbs.

Another example, particularly for larger aircraft, is a synthetic vision system. A synthetic vision system (SVS) is a computer-mediated reality system for aircraft that uses 3D visuals to give pilots a clearer and more intuitive view of their environment. It offers an elevated situational awareness for the operator by showing terrain, obstacles, geo-political, hydrological, and other databases. With a SVS installed, a pilot can more easily detect errors before the aircraft enters a potentially dangerous situation. Because of this, pilots will see a reduction in the number of non-stabilized approaches.

Find an MRO that goes beyond airworthiness

Airworthiness is one measure of safety – it’s the bare minimum. Find an MRO who will talk with you about optional safety upgrades and measures you can take to ensure your aircraft is secure.

At Winner Aviation, we value aircraft safety above all else and will be more than happy to talk with you about upgrades your aircraft may need. Simply give us a call today to talk.

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