Understanding Your Cessna 525 Landing Gear Options

cessna 525 landing gear

The landing gear in your Cessna CJ is routinely inspected during the Doc 10 inspection. A landing gear extension/retraction test is performed, along with a functional check of the landing gear and systems. In addition to the extensive inspection the gear will receive during the Doc 10, it gets cleaned and lubricated every 12 months.

What happens if damage is spotted in your Cessna 525 landing gear, or your landing gear is old enough to warrant replacement?

What causes landing gear to fail?

The landing gear of any aircraft is responsible for absorbing thousands of pounds of force over an aircraft’s lifetime. Despite the hard landings, short runways, and general wear and tear that landing gear takes, they are incredibly durable. However, landing gear failure does happen, which is why it’s so important to routinely inspect them.

In addition to routine wear, landing gear can fail for a number of reasons, including:

  • Improper rigging
  • Improper installation of parts
  • Improperly secured parts
  • Failure or fatigue of parts
  • Rupture of hydraulic lines
  • Electrical wire connection failure, including failure of relays, contactors, or actuators
  • Inoperative limit and safety switches
  • Uplocks that fail to release
  • Downlocks that fail to engage
  • Lack of lubrication
  • Corrosion

Mandatory Landing Gear Parts Replacement

According to the airworthiness limitations for the Cessna 525, replacing your left and right main landing gear trailing link and oleo assembly every 21,100 landings is mandatory.

Traditional landing gear is designed around a single strut that has a built in shock absorber and wheels at the bottom. This simplistic design means that much of the landing smoothness depends on the pilot.

That’s where trailing link gear comes in. Trailing links are designed with a flexible L-shaped arm and pivot point that’s connected to an oleo strut shock absorber. The oleo strut works to cushion landings and reduce vertical fluctuation. When the strut compresses, the L-shaped arm acts as an extra shock absorber by moving the tire backward and upward, ultimately smoothing impact with the runway.

The trailing link gear is helpful because each piece is separate—the oleo strut is separate from the trailing link, and both are separate from the trunnion. This ultimately makes it easier for an MRO to service and perform maintenance, compared to traditional landing gear.

The disadvantages to trailing link gear assemblies, however, is that they are heavier and more complex than traditional landing gear struts, and they can complicate the landing gear retraction process.

To replace the landing gear trailing link with new components in your Cessna Citation every 21,100 landings—which may only be once in its lifetime, depending on how you operate—plan for approximately 50k per side in parts and 3-5 days downtime.

Repair Options for Cessna Citation Landing Gear

In late 2020, Textron Aviation—the manufacturer of Cessnas—approved landing gear repair options for Cessna Citation 525, 525A, and 525B series aircraft. This was a monumental shift because, for nearly three decades, the only option should landing gear damage or failure occur would be to replace it entirely.

This new repair solution will ultimately save owners and operators thousands on parts expenses.

Always Consult A Trusted Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Always consult a trusted aircraft maintenance technician when navigating the ins and outs of your aircraft’s landing gear inspection and maintenance needs. At Winner Aviation, our maintenance technicians have decades of experience and can help you follow inspection guidelines for your aircraft.

Our maintenance technicians are equipped to handle any landing gear inspection or maintenance issue, as well as all other routine or unexpected service needs that may come up for your Cessna Citation 525. Contact us today to talk with our maintenance team about your Cessna.

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