Ways to Save 50% or More On Aircraft Parts

Aircraft Parts

You can save 50% or more on aircraft parts at every service—here’s how.

Whenever your aircraft needs a new part, you have options. Many MROs will go straight to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for a new part.

But that’s not their only option.

An MRO that has your best interest and your budget in mind, will save up to 92% for the exact same part by exploring other parts resources. When choosing an MRO for your aircraft, look for one that has access to the right OEM for your aircraft but also to other vendors and after-market distributors. The more relationships your MRO engages, the better chance you have at getting parts for much less. Here are some options your MRO should be considering.

Original Equipment Manufacturer

The OEM is the most direct means of securing the part for an aircraft. But, because of that, it also means that it’s often the most expensive. OEMs, naturally, prefer to have a monopoly on the aftermarket business. So, to retain as much of the market as possible, they market their parts as the highest quality and most reliable. They do this through contracts with air carriers and leasing companies, as well as through bundling strategies. These bundling strategies especially mean that leasing companies will specify in lease agreements that only OEM replacement parts may be used.

But, an MRO typically has the option of which resource to pull a part from.

Parts Manufacturer Approval

Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) is a design and production approval issued by the FAA that permits the manufacture of replacement parts for aircraft if the part has been tested and meets airworthiness standards (FAA regulation 21.137).

While OEMs get their approval authority simply because they were the creator of the original equipment on an aircraft, PMAs get their approval by proving performance standards. Strict, FAA mandated flight tests are performed to prove compliance with airworthiness standards.

While there is much back and forth within the industry over quality comparisons between OEM and PMA, FAA compliance and testing makes the quality of a PMA clear. Choosing a PMA part over an OEM part alone could save you 60% of the price of buying direct from the manufacturer.

Used Serviceable Material

Used serviceable material (USM) and time-continued material are parts from scrapped or parted-out aircraft. Operators with aging fleets that are near retirement can use USM to exchange parts and avoid costly repairs and shop visits.

USMs can help reduce maintenance costs and improve operational efficiency. Not to mention, USMs on average are one third of the price of parts direct from an OEM.

As Removed Parts

An As Removed (AR) part is a component that has been pulled off of an aircraft. These parts are always sold in the condition they were in when they were removed from the aircraft. There are numerous reasons why a part would be removed—teardown purposes, malfunction of a unit, or an aircraft was involved in an accident to name a few—and the reasons why the part wasn’t removed isn’t always documented at sale.

These parts may be one eighth of the price or less as compared to OEM parts. However, because of the vague details often attached to AR parts, Winner Aviation doesn’t often recommend them as a solution.

Which part is right for you?

The right MRO will help steer you in the right direction for your aircraft but, ultimately, the choice is up to you. At Winner Aviation, we keep your options open and will help you make the most informed decision for your aircraft.

Simply give us a call – we’re here to help.

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