What You Need to Know About Aircraft Maintenance Records

aircraft maintenance records

Airplane maintenance records for an aircraft’s airframe, engine, and avionics are vital for maintaining the airworthiness of an aircraft. Aircraft maintenance records detail the work performed on the aircraft, the date the work was completed, the maintenance team’s signature, the FAA certificate details, and the certificate number and signature of the person returning the aircraft to service.

Airplane maintenance records include:

  • The total time in service of the airframe and the status of the life-limited parts of the airframe.
  • The time since the last overhaul of the items installed on the aircraft
  • The indication of the current inspection status of the aircraft, including the time since the last inspection
  • The current status of applicable Airworthiness Directives (ADs)
  • A copy of major alterations to each airframe, engine, propeller, and avionics

It’s ultimately the aircraft owner’s responsibility to appropriately keep and maintain aircraft maintenance records. It’s the pilot’s responsibility to ensure they are flying an aircraft that’s airworthy.


Most maintenance performed on an aircraft is recorded in an aircraft logbook. The logbooks will outline the maintenance history of the aircraft. Any prospective buyer will want to review the logbook prior to purchase, and any MRO will want to review prior to performing any maintenance.

The Owner’s Responsibility

All recordkeeping is the responsibility of the aircraft owner. The owner should also ensure that the maintenance team makes appropriate entries in the aircraft maintenance records. The records are retained by the owner and, in the event of the aircraft being sold, the records are then transferred with the aircraft.

That’s why it’s so important that the aircraft maintenance records stay properly maintained. An updated logbook effectively represents a third of the aircraft’s value, so if the maintenance records are missing, your aircraft could be devalued at resell.

It’s a general best practice to create a digital copy of the aircraft maintenance records and update it routinely.

Maintenance Teams and Maintenance Records

A maintenance team aims to make maintenance record upkeep easy on the owner—that’s why Winner Aviation does everything we can to track maintenance on behalf of the owner.

If an aircraft owner is a repetitive customer, Winner Aviation will maintain a status sheet that’s built for the owner’s specific aircraft. This status sheet will include different inspections required, both from a time and calendar perspective. 

If an aircraft owner is a first time customer, Winner Aviation’s chief inspector will go through the existing maintenance records and fill in the blanks of the status report. Once the blanks are filled in, owners can review the status report and understand when their upcoming maintenance items will be. Winner Aviation works to keep all maintenance records and notes on one spreadsheet to make it easier for the owner/operator to keep up with their airplane maintenance records.

When a maintenance item is performed, the Winner Aviation maintenance team will fill out the logbook entry, sign off on the inspection, and return the airplane to service. 

Keeping Aircraft Maintenance Records

Airplane maintenance records should be kept for the lifetime of the aircraft, and should be transferred with the aircraft rather than stay with the owner in the event of the aircraft being resold.

If no logbook exists, a maintenance team will need to meticulously review all airworthiness directives to determine what has or hasn’t been completed.

Choose A Maintenance Team To Be Your Partner

Maintenance records are imperative to the health of your aircraft, so is having a dedicated maintenance team who is diligent about helping you maintain your logbooks. At Winner Aviation, we are your partner and will help make maintaining your aircraft as seamless as possible. Request a quote from us today.

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