Winner Aviation Team

Winner Aviation’s experienced management team spearheads our strategies for the future. We incorporate policies like weekly leadership trainings in which every attendee has an opportunity to report on their department.

These scheduled meetings also serve as a forum to discuss any pressing issue with the whole team, increasing transparency, communication, and accountability internally. We understand that good people are the greatest asset a company can have – and we have them in spades!

Meg Bianco
Rob Cellars - Maintenance Manager - Youngstown, OH
Chris Winter
Lori Wiebe - HR Manager - YNG
Kelly Campbell

Maintenance Team

Where you choose to take your aircraft for maintenance is an important decision. We believe that we have what it takes to make the decision to come to Winner Aviation an easy one: Our People.

Our technicians are thoroughly trained and experienced and know how to work with our customers to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. We understand what it is like to own and operate aircraft, and we are therefore dedicated to:

  • Providing minimal down-times
  • Fixing problems right the first time
  • Returning a clean aircraft
  • And courteous preparation of the invoice with no surprises

Our factory service center authorizations include Hawker Beechcraft, Twin Commander, Cessna, and Diamond. We are experienced in most light to medium sized jets.

We believe that the services we provide are more than just a business transaction – they are elements of a relationship based on personal attention and an understanding of your individual needs. Winner Aviation will have you safely back in the air with time to spare.

Rob Cellars - Maintenance Manager - Youngstown, OH
Dennis Braford - Maintenance Supervisor - Youngstown, OH
Anna Napierkoski
Josh Gray - Chief Inspector - Youngstown OH
Craig Horsley
Michael Short - Maintenance Technician - Youngstown, OH
Eric Dumars
Ron Backo
Tyler Walker
Ron Butler
Donovan Fuzo - A&P Tech - YNG
Tim Tobey - Maintenance Consultant - Youngstown, OH
Darrin Hillier
Justin Sunderland - Maintenance Technician - Youngstown, OH

Ground Handling Team

Meet our Ground Handling Team!

Chris Winter - Director of Ground Operations - Youngstown, OH
Tyler Wolfe - Ground Services Regional Manager.jpg
Kennida Puente-Fife - Station Support Manager
Karen Earley - Ground Handling Station Manager - ELM
Kat Romero - Ground Handling Station Manager - IAG
Erica Carroll - Station Manager - VPS
Ray George - Ramp Manager - VPS
Brock Thoroughman - Station Manager - LEX
Tagart McNeil - General Manager - PVU

Parts Department Team

Meet our Parts Department Team!

Thomas Quintavalle - Parts Dept Clerk - YNG
Jennifer Digman - Parts Sales Associate - Youngstown, OH
Sarah Hensh-Hull - Parts Sales Associate - YNG (square)

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Hours: M-F 9:00am - 4:30pm

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