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cessna 525 landing gear
How to Upgrade Your Cessna Autopilot

Your Cessna autopilot is one of the primary tools on your aircraft. The autopilot guides the aircraft without direct assistance or hands-on input from the pilot and the autopilot software, which is integrated with the navigation systems, provides control of the aircraft throughout each phase of the flight. If an autothrottle or autothrust system is

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Everything You Need to Know About Hawker Inspections

Every aircraft has different types of inspections that are mandatory or suggested by the FAA. Hawker airplanes are no different. The purpose of Hawker’s detailed schedule of inspections  is to ensure complete airworthiness of the aircraft, and the safety of the pilot, crew, and passengers. A Brief History of The Hawker Aircraft Hawker entered the

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TKS Ice Protection System
What You Need to Know About TKS Ice Protection

TKS ice protection systems were first developed in WWII. Aimed at being an alternative to pneumatic  boot deicing on the Royal Air Force bombers, TKS systems continued to grow in popularity and functionality. Today, the technology buys pilots critical time as they work to implement exit strategies while in dangerous, icing conditions. How TKS Systems

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required aircraft inspections
The Different Types of Required Aircraft Inspections

Every aircraft needs inspections, and each type of aircraft has different required aircraft inspections. When there is no one-size-fits-all approach to inspections, you need a reliable aircraft maintenance technician to keep the requirements, technicalities, and schedules clear. The different types of aircraft inspections range from scheduled to unscheduled to inspections for continued airworthiness, and each

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a Twin Commander flying over clouds
The Evolution of the Twin Commander

The Twin Commander has a long and distinguished history of being a comfortable, safe, and dependable aircraft. At the end of WWII, a project engineer named Ted Smith noticed a significant gap in the aircraft industry. He found that business travelers and individuals who traveled to destinations that weren’t frequently serviced by commercial carriers were

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Beechcraft King Air
Understanding the King Air High Utilization Inspection Program

King Air follows a phased schedule of inspections—phases one through four—that are each triggered by a set number of flight hours and focuses on different parts of the aircraft per phase. With these King Air phased inspections, inspections occur every 200 flight hours and a King Air owner is required to complete all four phases

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