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inflight communication system
Which Inflight Communication System is Best?

Inflight communication systems create a comfortable experience for passengers who are looking to text, catch up on emails, or stream while they’re in the air. It’s a system that isn’t an essential avionics upgrade, but it’s one that makes a world of difference for the passenger. But which inflight communication system is best? There are

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a Twin Commander flying over clouds
5 Most Common Repairs for the Turbo Twin Commander

Twin Commanders are exceptional airplanes with rugged durability and reliable performance and speed. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Gulfstream Aerospace (the manufacturers of Twin Commanders at the time, though it was acquired by Chrysler in 1985) released several enhanced turbine powered models that they called “Jetprops”. The term jetprop is synonymous with turboprop,

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a Learjet parked at sunset
The Top 3 Things We’ll Miss About the Learjet

Bombardier is halting Learjet production at the end of this year. It’s an understatement to say that the Learjet personified glamor, esteem, and class. It was the plane of choice for old Hollywood’s elite and it defined an era of sophisticated travel that has yet to be matched by any other aircraft on the market

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Common Repairs for Cessna Conquests
Common Repairs for Cessna Conquests

Cessna Conquests are as reliable as they come. With excellent speed, range, and climb performance, as well as unmatched fuel efficiency, the Cessna Conquest is a top choice, particularly for those making the transition to turbine power. If a Cessna Conquest’s performance wasn’t enough to convince owner operators that it’s an ideal aircraft, its durability

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Pro Line 21 Avionics Upgrade in a cockpit
Pro Line 21: When to Choose this Avionics Upgrade

Avionics upgrades add value to your aircraft and can offer advanced capabilities and reliability for those operating the aircraft. There are some avionics upgrades that are simple, inexpensive changes that simply improve in-flight communication, and there are other avionics upgrades that, while more expensive, improve a pilot’s experience completely. A Pro Line 4 to Pro

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King Air 350 Cockpit
King Air Inspections and How to Budget for Them

Purchasing a King Air 200 or 300 series is an exciting venture. A top-of-the-line business turboprop, the King Air boasts a powerful engine and is capable of flying over 1,000 miles with a full payload of fuel. It’s easy to see why it’s one of the most popular 6-10 passenger aircraft in history. As you

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