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How to make a Twin Commander windshield last longer
How to Make Your Twin Commander Windshield Last Longer

It goes without saying that your windshield is a critical component in your aircraft. Maintaining your critical vision area is imperative to the safety of your crew and passengers. Not to mention, if a windshield fails, you’re looking at an estimated $58,000 in parts costs plus around 45 hours in labor costs to replace the

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Avionics Upgrade in Cessna Citations
5 Avionics Upgrades To Consider for Cessna Citations

Avionics upgrades make your aircraft safer and more reliable, and can take a burden off of your flight crew. Whether you have an older aircraft or a newer model, there are certain avionics upgrades that you can make to elevate the manufacturer models and ensure you’re flying with ease (and in style). For Cessna Citations,

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A maintenance technician performing a Pre-Flight inspection
What happened to the Pre-Flight inspection?

As a professional pilot, do you ever look back to the days when you first approached the airplane that would take you off of the solid ground you were standing on? Can you still feel the excitement and exhilaration of your first flight? The thought that you would someday be flying to a destination without

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Beechjet Inspection
7 Steps to A Proper Beechjet Inspection

Not all aircraft inspections are created equal. Each aircraft is nuanced and unique and requires a specific skill set to ensure its safety and airworthiness. A Beechjet inspection is no different. When you’re choosing an MRO for your Beechjet inspection, it’s important that you choose a team that has experience working with your specific aircraft.

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Aircraft Maintenance
Aircraft Maintenance Is Not A One Size Fits All Approach

There are many nuances that go into owning or operating an aircraft. Over time, you learn the quirks that are unique to your plane. You can recognize subtle changes that only you could spot, and you come to understand exactly what it takes to maintain the health of your aircraft. Everything from routine inspections to

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Factory Authorized Service Center
How Collins Aerospace and Honeywell Will Save You Money

Have you ever had a display go out or a GPS receiver start working intermittently, and you knew it was going to cost an arm and a leg to get it repaired? Managing and maintaining your avionics and cabin equipment can be unpredictable and costly, with component failures often exceeding the cost of your coverage.

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